Welcome To The Happy Goat Company and Mileshiggins Farm

 Sally Corrick Photography-79The Happy Goat Company at Mileshiggins Farms aims to produce high quality goats. The Farm is a family run business based in rolling herefordshire countryside. Our goats get to graze and enjoy the summer sunshine, and then in the colder months they retreat to our warm barns.

The farm also runs a flock of 200 Texel breeding ewes which is expanding year on year.



We are based at Mileshiggins Farm, Wormelow. Take a look at the Farm Services page to see what else the farm can offer besides goats including; Buying and selling Texel sheep, baling, hedge trimming, log splitting and hay.


We are always on the look out for goats and Texel ewes to buy. Please contact us if you have any for sale. 


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 "A huge thank you to Sally Corrick Photography for the lovely photos on our website. They are beautiful."