Meet the Team


Hi, I'm Tom and I am one half of The Happy Goat Company. I am 24 years old, I have a Degree in Agricultural Business Management. I work for JG Plant in Hereford as a sales representative, Around my day job I help to run the family farm and enjoy nothing more that working with the sheep or tinkering in my workshop. I find working with the goats much more enjoyable compared with the sheep, as the goats have individual personalities and can be right characters! I enjoy pushing the business as it is growing all the time, and  there is nothing more rewarding than spending time in the butchery producing our sausages and burgers 





    aimee proffesional picHi, I'm Aimee and I'm the other half of The Happy Goat Company. (Fiance of Tom)  I'm also 24 years old. I have completed a Diploma in Animal Management at Hartpury College and an Advanced Apprenticeship in Agriculture (livestock production). I work at a local hotel and do a lot of the farm work at home with Tom. I had the initial idea to get two pet goats and 'persuaded' Thomas that we should give goats a try! My primary interest is in the health and welfare of all our goats so my aim is to give all our goats the very best quality of life to ensure our meat is of the highest welfare standard (and of course, very tasty!) I am learning the art of Butchery and now produce all the Happy Goat cuts to order - just contact me to give your preferences.








Hi my name is Pip and I am 'Honorary Chief Shelter Builder and Maintenance Man'. I have designed the 3 different shelters which The Happy Goat Company sell. I am particulary proud of my 'in and outdoor', goat-proof Hay Rack (many prototypes went into this design before I perfected it!) I also help with the feeding and day to day jobs. 

I really enjoy working with the goats, they all have such individual characters and are extremely friendly and love being fussed. Maybe that's something to do with the supply of rich tea buscuits that they know are always to be found in plentiful supply in my pockets! They are all very playful and they love the tables which I built for them. Watching them play "King of the Castle" and doze in the sunshine on them makes my hard work well worth it!

I built and fitted-out the 'Happy Goat Food Preparation Room' where all Happy Goat meat is stored and sausages and burgers made and prepared.  We have a '5' star Hygiene rating with Herefordshire Council. I have the happy task of tasting different sausage and burger recipes and  passing judgement - just as long as I help Aimee and Tom to wash-up afterwards!