About The Happy Goat Company and Mileshiggins Farm

Mileshiggins Farm has been in the family since the 1960's. It's situated at the top of a valley with glorious views over Herefordshire. The Farm house dates back to the 1600's and has some lovely original features. With a stream running through the bottom of our valley and lush green fields its the perfect sheep farm.

We have had goats at Mileshiggins Farm for around 7 years. These are Aimee's passion and her herd has increased from 2 pets to upto 100 goats at kidding time. The goats always kid in febuary so thats a really exciting time for us all. Goats are intelligent and often cause us problems with getting out or breaking things. We've learnt many tips and tricks over the years.

Thomas runs a flock of 200 breeding ewes at Mileshiggins with the majority being Texel and Texel x. He's expanded the flock over the last few years and works hard to produce some fantastic examples of the Texel breed. You'll see him regularly at Hereford Market buying and selling ewes and lambs. Always looking to improve our gentics and expand. 

All the farms tractor work is carried out by Thomas and Stephen.The yearly calender starts with harrowing in spring, fixing fences, topping grass, mowing hay in the summer, turning, raking and baling. Followed by combining, silaging and other field work in late summer. Finished of by hedge cutting during the winter.Through out the year we are moving hay for customers and feeding it to goats, and clearing out our sheds.

Lambing and Kidding are our most exciting months here on the farm. Kidding is always first as the goats live in during the winter. Nannies generally give birth easily and on their own, and don't like anyone watching. Sheep however often need a helping hand. We always lamb in 2 big bunches of sheep. This ensures that we have enough inside space for ewes to lamb in. We prefer to lamb inside, but we do lamb a little later when the weather is better and they can go outside sooner.

Our resident Vet Hannah is invaluable throughout the year. She's always on hand when something is ill or there's a difficult lambing. The goats usually keep her busy with one thing or another.  



Enjoy some pictures of "Farm Life" at Mileshiggins Farm

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