How did The Happy Goat Company come about?

We are a small business based in rural Herefordshire. Our interest in goats first started when I worked milking a big commercial Goat Herd one summer. I realised that goats each have their own personalities and are very individual animals. I came home one day and said to my boyfriend Thomas that I wanted 2 pet goats to keep at his farm. This is where it all began...!

I aquired my long awaited pet goats in April 2010, and named them Monty and Rosie. Rosie is a Toggenburg and Monty is an 385896_10150460167859400_680974399_10171746_2112122895_nAnglio Nubian x Saanen and is castrated.

From there, Thomas and I decided to 'take the plunge' and get some male kids to fatten for meat. I got in contact with the farm that I used to milk at, and off we went to buy 3 billy goat kids. As the nannys are used for milking, the male kids are dispatched at birth because in the goat dairy industry, just like with cows, a high percentage of males are not required. As we arrived at the farm we went into a pen full of nannys with newborn kids to pick our 3. The farmer persuaded us to have a couple more at no extra cost. To cut a long story short we ended up leaving the 009farm with ............. no less than 14 goats (girls & boys) !!!!!!!!!! We must have been mad!

The next few months were very costly and time consuming. Starting to bottle feed 14 newborn goats was a very daunting task. The babies had no idea how to suckle from a bottle and were very weak, some had not even had their mother's colostrum. Within the first 2 days we unfortunatly lost 2 despite our best efforts and intensive care from us all. We started with 4 feeds a day. 7am, 1pm, 7pm and 1am. Although it was hard work, it's very rewarding to have them all 'fighting fit' now and lessons have been learnt! The girls, Indy, Donkey, No Tag and Number 5 now form the basis of our breeding herd. Since then we now have 30 breeding nannies in the herd and 3 billy goats.



Enjoy some pictures of "Farm Life" at Mileshiggins Farm

IMG_0110 pink bales




  tom and zoealis, me and billy