Animal Shelters- Agricultural Contracting- Hay and Straw For Sale

dad with shelterSheep/Goat Field Shelters

Our Shelters / Stores are made from sustainable wood and a plastic/fibre roof;

As a rough guide......

A 2.4m x 1.2m x1.2m size  field shelter would be suitable for 6 small goats or 3-4 adult goats.

A 2.2m x1.2m x1.2m size would be suitable for 2 adult goats.

A 2.4m x 1.8m x 1.2m size shelter would be suitable for 5-6 medium adult goats 

    Different options for your shelter:

> Base with or without runners to move it with a truck or tractor.

> Metal Hay rack hanging station inside or outside the sheltershelter with door and hay racks

> Option to have the wood stained


> 2.4mL x 1.8mW x 1.2mH - £425 (Top Picture. Base on runners £52 extra)

>2.4m L x 1.2m W x 1.2m H -  £325 (brown shelter with 2 hay racks opposite)

>2.2m Lx 1.2m W x 1.2m H -  £325

> Base with skids  - £32.50

> Metal Hay rack   - £18

> Door with a bolt - £27.50


Shelters can be collected from us or we can arrange delivery. We will then assemble the shelter on site for you. Prices are excluding a delivery charge. 

Goat tables.

As we all know ,goats love to jump so here at The Happy Goat Company we have made Goat Tables for all ours to enjoy. In their natural mountain environment goats sleep and climb on ledges, so these tables allow them to express their natural behaviour if your space is limited. Whether its playing "King of the Castle" or just lounging in the sun all our goats love their tables!387573_10150436764504400_680974399_10081259_588495815_n


>1.2m x 1.2m.   - £65

> Ramps           - £25 each

These are ideal if space for your goats is limited!





 Hay and Straw for sale and Agricultural Contracting.

New Seaon Meadow hay ahayvailable. Anything from 1 bale to a tractor and trailer load and we will deliver in the Hereford area for a small cost. Or alternitvly you can collect from the farm by prior arrangment.

No sprays or fertilisers have been used on any of this hay. Its a very clean crop.

Its been mowed, turned and baled by us. 120cm round bales.

Our straw is now all sold.

 Please email me and i can put you through to Tom for more details. 


We also offer a range of Agricultural contracting services.

These include-tom and baler

*Mowing grass for hay or silage

*Baling large round bales

*Hedge Trimming

*Tractor, grain trailer and driver for hire.


Please email me and i can put you through to Tom for more details.