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Katy is an Anglio Nubian x Toggenburg. She is 3 years old and this is her first year kidding. She has 2 male castrated kids.

Katy was put to a pedigree Boer Billy so they are crossed Boer and will make great meat goats or pets. They are 7 weeks old currently and growing really well and are chunky.

Katy is vaccinated up to date with Lambivac. She has spent half of her life outside in the summer. She is a great mum who kidded all by herself with no fuss.

                                                                                                       £300 for all 3.





 Cheesy as she is affectionatly called is a saanan x nanny goat. 5 years old.

She kids every year with no fail and shes had all twins so far. She kidded in the first week of febuary and had twins. Unfortunalty her one kid broke its leg, but she is left with a gorgeous nanny kid.

Cheesy was put to the same pedigree Boer Billy as above hence her kid is a Boer x.

Vaccinations are all up to date and she is a very friendly lovely girl.

Same as above she lives half of her life outside during the summer.

                 £250 for the 2.





nanny and kids This nanny goats is a Boer x, but mainly Boer as you can see from her markings and size.

She is 5 years old and has just kidded a lovely set of twim boys. She has always kidded twins whilst shes been here. Their dad is a pedigree Boer billy so they will make great meat goats. Or pets.


She is vaccinated up to date and has lived her life outside during the summer. Lovely and quiet girl and kids every year with no problems.


£280 for the 3



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